Winston Jeff - How to organize a traditional dance

Author : Winston Jeff
Title : How to organize a traditional dance
Year : 2020

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Introduction. So, you’ve decided to organize a traditional dance. You might be thinking to yourself, “Man, this sounds like a lot of work. What have I gotten myself into?” But before you get overwhelmed or black-pilled, let me explain why organizing these dances is so important. Every group of people has different conditions and environments in which they thrive, and different types of music, styles of dance, and courting processes are born of different peoples. This rings true for people of European descent as much as any other group. Dances have been an integral part of our people’s cultures for hundreds and even thousands of years. They have served as part of the courting process and are an important aspect of social life more broadly. In our post-modern, consumer- driven society, this has largely been lost, and the conditions and environments in which we thrive have been considerably dismantled. ...

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