Williams Randy - Close range combat Wing Chun Volume 1

Author : Williams Randy
Title : Close range combat Wing Chun Volume 1 Blocking, Striking, Kicking and Footwork Fundamentals
Year : 2003

Link download : Williams_Randy_-_Close_range_combat_Wing_Chun_Volume_1.zip

I first met Sifu Randy Williams when he was still a teenager. Since we were living in the same neighborhood, he knew I was with Bruce Lee’s Los Angeles China-Town group. Randy often came up to me and begged me to teach him, but I refused. We did not cross paths again until many years later. Since then, we have forged a strong friendship and sharing our knowledge in the martial art field. I always considered Sifu Randy Williams one of the most dedicated and resourceful Wing Chun Gung Fu instructors in the field. His knowledge and technical skills are exceptional. He previously authored six volumes of books on Wing Chun Gung Fu, “The Explosive Art of Close Range Combat,” which contain some of the most precise, accurate, and detailed materials ever written in the subject of Wing Chun Gung Fu. Its theory, techniques, and method of training are well presented. The Wing Chun centerline theory, an important fighting strategy on the proper angle, body alignment, and balance in attack and defense, and Chi Sau practice, a unique feature in the system for developing sensitivity in the arms and the constant flow of energy, so crucial in close-range combat, are explained in detail. Sifu Randy Williams is known for his generosity, especially when it comes to sharing his martial art experience and knowledge, which is definitely reflected in his books. This book will help any Wing Chun practitioner who wishes to acquire a more in-depth and better understanding in the art of Wing Chun Gung Fu. Ted Wong. ...

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