Waldee Lynne Marie - Cooking the french way

Author : Waldee Lynne Marie
Title : Cooking the french way Easy menu ethnic cookbooks
Year : 2002

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Introduction. The people of France consider cooking a fine art. Just as an artist carves out a statue hidden within a block of stone, a French cook brings out the flavor locked inside each simple vegetable and piece of meat. The French cook then arranges the food so that its shapes and colors are combined in the most attractive way possible. A French saying describes the attitude of French cooks toward their art: L’excès en tout est défaut—“excess is always a fault.” In other words, you can have too much of a good thing. French cooks use strong flavors, such as garlic, in small amounts so that they will not overpower other flavors. In fact, the most important rule in French cooking is not to use too much of any one ingredient. French Cooking. There are two distinctly different kinds of cooking in France. One kind is quite grand and the other is like home cooking. The recipes in this book are of the “home cooking” variety—delicious and easy to fix. But it is interesting to know a little about the grand type of French cooking, too. After all, once you have mastered the dishes in this book, you may want to try something more difficult ! Hundreds of years ago, the chefs who worked for the kings and queens of France developed haute or grande cuisine. This kind of cooking featured huge, complicated meals that took hours of preparation and often included unusual ingredients such as rare wines and exotic fruits. When the French nobility was overthrown in the 1789 French Revolution, the chefs who had developed haute cuisine fled to other parts of Europe. The art of this fine cooking, however, was not lost. The French chefs spread its fame throughout Europe and even to the United States. This very special and difficult type of cooking is still practiced in modern times by famous chefs in elegant restaurants. The other kind of French cooking is called cuisine bourgeoise. It is the kind of home cooking you would find in a small restaurant or inn or in the home of a typical French family. Old French home recipes, which have been handed down from generation to generation, are tasty and nourishing. ...

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