Vitalio Derek - Seduction Science

Author : Vitalio Derek
Title : Seduction Science Volume 1,2 and 3
Year : 2002

Link download :

A Message To The Reader From Derek Vitalio. Congratulations on your decision to improve the quality of your life! I came to the study of seducing women by an interesting twist of fate. When I was a psychology student in school I began to volunteer to work with a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer I had found in the Yellow Pages. She had the amazing ability of creating fast, rapid change in the behaviors and beliefs of her clients. After a few months, I began to notice a pattern: although her clients would come in with all sorts of problems, she would use the same exercises on all of them… the only change she would make was to vary the hypnotic suggestions according to the problem the client had. However, the underlying structure of the exercise stayed the same. Pretty soon I was good enough to solve clients’ problems myself. All I had to do was adjust the exercise to that client’s particular problem. I was shocked, because it worked with fantastic results. Consider that people go to traditional therapy for 10 years or more, wasting a lot of time and money, and hardly ever get their problems solved! So one day I asked myself, what would *I* use hypnosis for? Because I never really had a problem… but I did have a dream that I always wanted to get laid like a rock star! When I was kid, I had an older stepbrother who was always picking up women left and right but he would never tell me his secrets. In fact, he would just make fun of how stupid I acted when I was around girls. Then a couple of weeks later, I bumped into an old friend who was really upset because his girlfriend had left him and he had no idea how to pick up a woman. He was the kind of guy who would just meet girls by accident and he would usually get nowhere with them. You can probably imagine being in his shoes. I told him I was a NLP intern and that I had access to powerful hypnotic techniques that could solve basically any problem you could imagine. That’s when it struck me. I realized I could take these exercises to master the ability to pick up women successfully. All I had to do was train my mind in the same way I trained my clients by constructing the suggestions to fit my particular problem. I tested the mental exercises first on myself… in just the first three months I found myself in steamy situations you never could have imagined. One night I picked up two voluptuous French girls from a club using my new techniques and winded up at my apartment in the hot tub enjoying the most mind-blowing soapsuds rub down my step brother only wish he had. Another day I was at the beach and a girl actually walked up to me and told me that she liked the way I projected my energy. Two hours later I was banging her in HER car and afterward she bought ME lunch. After a number of successes, I began to think of all of the guys out there that could greatly benefit from this obscure, but extremely powerful knowledge. So you might be wondering how does this hypnosis work? It’s simple. When you’re very young, your mind is a powerful learning machine, eager to take in all the information the world gives it. As a kid everything you see and do is completely real and true to you. You accept everything you see and do as is. The problem is, you can pick up beliefs that eventually become negative habits. For example, have you ever been in a situation where you did something embarrassing and a whole bunch of girls laughed at you? I can remember back in high school in the cafeteria I slipped on some loose man-which on the floor and fell flat on my ass in front of a whole bunch of girls including one I really liked and they all started laughing at me! I was planning to ask one of the very same girls out later that week, but every time she saw me she would laugh! I couldn’t get that picture out of my mind and so I began to avoid them, and pretty soon (and I didn’t know this at the time) I was avoiding cute girls altogether! I had assigned negative feelings to my bad experience. And I repeated how embarrassing it was so many times in my head that I developed the habit to avoid cute girls without even realizing it. My mind was thinking, “This is what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing. I’m SUPPOSED to avoid these girls.” Yes, this doesn’t sound rational does it? But your mind isn’t rational; it’s emotional. You act on what you repeat in your mind over and over again instead of on what you would really like to have happen. So if you’re rehearsing negative feelings, emotions, and pictures (maybe you’re not even fully aware of when you’re doing it), you’re going to get negative outcomes in your actual life. In contrast, have you ever met someone and you instantly felt that feeling of belonging? Where every word just seemed to flow… and everything came out exactly the way you would have wanted it to? After driving her home from the motel, or after that first kiss, you replayed every positive word and outcome over and over in your mind. It motivated you the next time you went out… only this time, your mind took the repetition of these positive thoughts as commands from you to repeat the same actions in the future. This is positive hypnosis. Other examples of positive hypnosis are doing things that you’ve repeated so many times in your life that they have become unconscious habit like driving your car while holding a conversation, playing an instrument without thinking about it, hitting a baseball coming at you at 60 mph, or learning your job so well when you were once baffled at what to do. All these things you do automatically. But when you FIRST started… you had to put a lot of effort into them. And you made mistakes. But now it’s easy and you simply act on what you have repeated in your mind over and over. So, what if you were to take this same reliable habitcreating process and make it work to attract women to you without even thinking about it? Now that you know a little about how your subconscious works, you’ll begin to understand why the visualizations you encounter in this book made such an impact in my life and how I got myself into all those situations I never could have imagined. I’m sharing my knowledge with you in the hopes that you can find as much happiness and satisfaction as I have. Following the exercises in this book you will cause changes to take place inside your mind, leading you to feel, think, and behave in ways that will get you laid, giving you complete control over your sexual future. Some of the exercises involve visualizations of movie screens and energy. If that sounds unusual, that’s okay. All you will be doing is taking 20 or 30 minutes a day, creating different experiences inside your mind. No matter how out of the ordinary or even juicy the experiences you imagine seem to be, their repetition will allow your mind to give you the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors of a successful player. And as this happens, you will find yourself easily relaxed, comfortable, and successful with women. These powerful hypnotic techniques are a result of years of study and experimentation. They work right away. You don’t have to wait years for change… they’re designed to produce permanent change in about 30 repetitions. So if you’re ready to experience what thousands of guys have already discovered, get ready for the ride of your life… and get laid like a rock star. Regards, Derek Vitalio. ...

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