Valizadeh Daryush - Roosh's Brazil compendium

Author : Valizadeh Daryush (Roosh V)
Title : Roosh's Brazil compendium
Year : 2011

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Introduction To Brazilian Girls. The way some guys talked up Rio it seemed like I’d be getting head within half an hour of stepping off the plane. It’s ridiculous that I have to state this, because there was a second or two where I was hoping it was true, but not al Brazilian girls are easy and ready to fuck you within a few minutes. On one side you have the poor favela chicks. As a carioca (Rio native) put it: “For them it is a dream to go out with a gringo to a dinner that costs more than they make in a month. The sex is not important - they’ve been doing that since they were 14.” Poor favela chicks are very easy, but quality is a serious problem. It’s not uncommon to see a decent-looking gringo getting with a girl he should not be touching. It would be a shame if you came to Rio to just bang favela chicks. On the other side you have the rich and beautiful girls that are out of reach to the gringo due to time or social circle or status issues. Then you have the large middle where the girls are educated and have regular jobs. Some are pretty with fantastical asses while many are frumpy and average. Some are easy but others are surprisingly conservative. In general I find that the girls are prettier and easier than American girls by at least 50%. They are more friendly, they make out quicker, and they give less resistance in the bedroom. While there is zero guarantee you wil get action when you go out, you’re a huge idiot if you do without cheap motel money and a condom or three. Two things are important. The first is you must know where to go. If you go to the rich and snobby clubs then it may actualy be harder than your home city. Go to the smaler venues not known for posing. Because it takes time to find good places, a gringo visiting for a short stay may miss out on the “friendlier” girls. ...

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