Valizadeh Daryush - Bang Lithuania

Author : Valizadeh Daryush (Roosh V)
Title : Bang Lithuania
Year : 2012

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Welcome To Lithuania. I was excited to go to Lithuania after hearing it is visited by fewer tourists than Estonia and Latvia. I wanted to get some easy bangs and complete my Baltic sweep. The result was mixed. It was both easier and harder at the same time. Girls rated 6 and below weren’t hard to bang, but girls rated above that were tough as nails. Before I talk about the women, let’s start with some basic history. Lithuania shares a 400-year common history with Poland. They freed themselves from the Poles only to be slapped around by Russia starting in the late eighteenth century. The Russians tried to eliminate the Lithuanian language, but stubborn locals kept it alive by smuggling in Lithuanian books printed in neighboring countries. Lithuania achieved independence after World War I and saw a cultural rebirth until World War II, when Russia took over again. The intelligentsia was deported to Siberia and Lithuania was ruled with an iron fist until the country finally become free once again in 1991. During my month stay in Lithuania, I didn’t feel that the culture was heavily dominated by the Russian mindset. Though they were sometimes shy, girls were open and eager to talk to me. I didn’t interact with rocks, something that was more of a problem in Latvia and Ukraine, where the Russian influence is stronger. Foreigners who don’t act like obvious sex tourists will be well-received, and there are no logistical problems with staying for a while. The biggest issue you’ll face is bad English. Lithuanians speak the worst English in the Baltics. This is because the government has only recently made English a requirement in schools, meaning that girls over twenty-five or so will likely not be conversational in it. Even with young girls who speak English well, there’s a confidence problem that makes them especially scared of making a mistake and appearing stupid. In the first couple minutes of a conversation it would be smart to compliment their English, even if it sucks. Say, “It’s okay if you make a mistake - even native speakers make a lot of grammatical errors.” This will make them feel comfortable talking, knowing that you won’t be silently mocking her. A Lithuanian girl’s biggest fear is that someone is taking her for a fool. ...

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