US Army - FM 3-19 30 Physical security

Author : US Army
Title : FM 3-19 30 Physical security (Formerly FM 19-30)
Year : 2001

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Welcome ! Before delving into this treasure chest of safety tips, it’s necessary to understand a bit of rudimentary predator psychology. Whether you’re dealing with prowlers, con-artists, or serial rapists, rarely do the heartbreakers and life-takers of the world pick their victims at random. This would be much too dangerous, with a high risk of getting hurt or being caught. Instead, predators tend to pick their victims very carefully, and they usually conduct their attacks in three stages: 1. Identify a likely target. During this stage, the predator hunts for vulnerable prey. “Good victims” are usually unaware of their surroundings, or appear to have weak defenses. This guide will help you avoid giving the impression that you might make easy prey. 2. Test the target. To lower the risk of being hurt or caught, predators usually check the cooperativeness of potential victims. This can be done covertly by observing the habits of potential victims and searching for opportunities to strike, or it could take on a covert form, such as verbal or psychological “tests”. This guide will help you avoid offering excessive opportunity in your daily habits. 3. Assault the target. Once the predator is reasonably confident that he will be successful, he commits the assault. Unfortunately, it’s beyond the scope of this guide to offer techniques for responding to violence–our verbal and physical training courses address these complex issues. However, by following the tips and tricks in this guide, you will substantially lower your chances of ever reaching this stage of the assault. Of course, you can never completely eliminate the chances of violent conflict, and that is why physical and verbal training is a vital part of any personal protection strategy. ...

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