Tobiason Timothy W. - Identifying undercover activity and agents

Author : Tobiason Timothy W.
Title : Identifying undercover activity and agents 1. Gun Show and General Surveillance Practices 2. Personal Experiences with Surveillance 3. Differentiating General Public Behavior from HUMINT Collection 4. Defense against Surveillance Practices (Counter Social Engineering)
Year : 2000

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The United States Government historically has collected enormous volumes of information on its citizens. During the 1960’s files were meticulously assembled on political leaders such as Martin L. King, various congressmen, hippies, musicians and the like. Virtually all segments of society were observed, recorded and files on these individuals and groups were assembled and stored. In the event of a major civil uprising, the government had made plans (recently disclosed) to transport “dangerous or subversive” American citizens to internment or concentration camps. In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, the US Government increased funding for its law enforcement and intelligence collection agencies and has drastically scaled up its surveillance on its citizens, particularly at gun shows and on citizens who write books they dislike. In light of their intrusive and often illegal activities, I have written and published this book to give ordinary citizens sound information on identifying and countering the “watchers”. The prospect of civil unrest and major civil uprising enhanced by modern science has caused the government to prepare contingency plans for rounding up its citizens and incarcerating them without charges or trial. The reasons for this will be disclosed in this book. ...

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