Tinn Chan Lee - The Wu style of Tai Chi Chuan

Author : Tinn Chan Lee
Title : The Wu style of Tai Chi Chuan
Year : 1982

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Foreword. T'ai Chi Ch'uan is an ancient Chinese art of self-defense. In the old days only noblemen could learn the art; it has been practiced in China for one thousand years. Primarily, it is a philosophy of physical, mental and spiritual dimensions, based on the teachings of Lao Tzu of the Chou Dynasty, and was first developed by a Taoist saint. It is a system of meditative exercise which prevents and heals ailments through revitalizing and rejuvenating the vital organs of the body if practiced regularly and accurately. It is a series of continuous rhythmic steps that give the body healthful and harmonious movement. It is a nonstop slow exercise which takes twenty minutes or longer to perform. In fact, the slower the performance, the greater the benefits are. The important principle of the art is relaxation, which encourages meditation. T'ai Chi Ch'uan encourages meditation in motion while it circulates the life fluid through the body. It is conducive to longevity. There are documentary evidences that some practitioners of this art have lived to a very old age. The author of this book, Mr. Tinn Chan Lee, is a teacher of great experience, and an unassuming gentleman. Sickly as a young man, he took up T'ai Chi Ch'uan thirty-three years ago, first under Master Liu and then, in 1937, under Master Wu in Hong Kong. This great art has not only restored him to excellent health and youthful vigor, but has also given him a tranquillity of mind and spirit in a world where men constantly live under tremendous stresses of life. Tien-Tse Chang, M.A., PhD., Litt.D. (Leiden) Professor and Senior Specialist, East-West Center, University of Hawaii, 1966. ...

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