Ting Leung - Wing tsun kuen

Author : Ting Leung
Title : Wing tsun kuen
Year : 1978

Link download : Ting_Leung_-_Wing_tsun_kuen.zip

Since the first edition of this book was published, i have received an enormous number of letters from readers all over the world, which is encouraging to me. Amongst the many readers who have written to me, there is quite a number of reputed martial artists, who have raised an identical question to me: "Will you some day establish a branch in our area?" As a matter of fact, if I do not have the intention of starting Wing Tsun gymnasiums in other countries I would not have published this book! Two main facts motivated me to write this book. Firstly, there are many so called "Kung Fu Experts" in the western world these days who are cheating their people with "Kung Fu" banner. In actual fact, a great proportion of these "Kung Fu Experts" have merely practised some superficial skills of kung fu from some instructors or even have only learnt their techniques from some "Kung Fu Books" for a short period of time, others perhaps are former karate instructors, and yet they have ventured to put up the signboard of "Kung Fu School" and started to advertise for students. The deeds ef such people are deeply loathed by real Chinese martial artists who are extremely worried at the damages which would be done to the development of Chinese kung fu by these impostors. For this reason, I am determined to shoulder the responsibility for introducing the .genuine Chines kung fu. So, for the past few years, I went to many countries to propagate the real Chinese martial·arts. To achieve this purpose, I have established branches schools in a few countries. Recently, together with a number of leading grandmasters and instructors of different styles, I have organised the "International Chinese Martial-Arts Federation". Memberships of this organisation is open to all kung fu instructors or enthusiasts over the world who are interests in taking part in the deYelopment of real Chinese kung fu. Secondly, I have for a long time been disappointed with most of the kung ftl books published in the western world. Most of these authors on one hand lack the right qualifications and on the other hand do not take serious attitude in writing and publishing their books. In China, a great proportion of the martial artists never go inadvertently to the production of specialty of books on kung fu. This is due to the fact that they have to preserve a good reputation of themselves as well the style that they are closely hinged. In such concerns, most of the Chinese martial artists would rather not write any book then to endanger their reputation and that of their style of kung fu they represent if they make any funny mistakes in their books. This is the main reason why there have been very few kung fu specialized books in China. However, it has been quite different in the western countries. In the same way as those so called kung fu instructors who are swindling their students with kung fu banners, there is a shocking number of so called "Kung Fu Books" to fool the general readers. One of the most .disgraceful deeds is that many of these authors have boasted themselves to be the "Grandmaster" of a certain style and have fabricated their own stories on the origin and history of kung fu styles. It is needless to say that the books they have written are stuffed with wrong concepts and opinions of their own. As a result, many of the fine Chinese kung fu s ystems and styles are stained and deformed. All the above mentioned happenings are greatly abhorred by a kung fu enthusiast such as myself. For this I am strongly determined that I will try my best, with the most scrupulous and conscientious attitude, to put forward all that I know on kung fu, s o that all the lovers of Chinese kung fu all over the world can have a true and clear recognition of Chinese martial arts. In presenting this work, whilst not ideal, it is my very sincere wish that it will be of assistance to the martial arts enthusiast in the western world. For best results, it should be used as a reference, in conjunction with competent tuition. However, the book on its own, will educatei the readers in the ways 'of kung-fu, and they will no longer be so suseptible to the confidencet'tricksters previously described. Leung Ting. ...

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