Thundercat - The art of approaching

Author : Thundercat
Title : The art of approaching How to meet AMAZING women without fear of rejection !
Year : 2005

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When I first sat down in 2004, my goal was simple. I wanted to write an easy, step-by-step manual on how to meet women. Nothing more, nothing less. I wanted to do this because I felt like a lot of the books on the internet that dealt with dating and seduction, though they may have had excellent stuff, didn’t really address this crucial skill as much as they should. Meeting women is the first and most important step in any interaction with them. If you aren’t able to meet them, then you will never be able to interact with them, date them, or even have sex with them. Back in the day, I was hopeless with women. Just one look at a beautiful girl with smooth skin, silky hair, and big bright eyes would freeze me in my tracks. And through much trial and error, I was able to go from meeting no women at all, to meeting four to five new ones a day. Now, I find it easy to go out and meet women anywhere I am (something which would have seemed impossible to the old me). So that’s why I originally wrote The Art of Approaching. I wanted to share my experiences with others who have the same problem meeting women I did, and hope that it could help them. And I succeeded in that. I’ve gotten emails from guys thanking me because my book helped them to meet their current girlfriend or wife (some guys even email me regularly to tell me about all the women they’re sleeping with because I helped teach them how to approach!), and that always makes me feel like I’ve made a difference. But along with those success stories, I also got a lot of questions and suggestions. People would write in asking things like “What do I do AFTER I meet the girl?” “How do you keep the conversation going?” “How do I feel more confident with women?” “There’s a girl I like, how can I flirt with her?” “How can I make more friends?” All the same questions started popping up over and over again, and though I’d often address them individually in email, I felt that my readers were telling me something – that they wanted more than I was giving them. That’s when I decided to revise The Art of Approaching. ...

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