Thompson Geoff - Weight training for the Martial Artist

Author : Thompson Geoff
Title : Weight training for the Martial Artist
Year : 1995

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Introduction by Dave Turton senior Naba coach. Dave has been a NABA (National Amateur Bodybuilding Association) life member since 1964, an area judge since 1974 and the official stage manager for the Mr Universe, Mr Britain, Mr Scotland and Mr North-West Britain bodybuilding championships. He is a senior instructor in weight training for NABA and has trained with former Mr Britains and a former Mr Universe. Dave Turton is also a 5th Dan black belt in Goshin Kai ju-jitsu. Before Geoff goes into listing the best exercises and routines for the use of weight training for the martial artist, it is advisable to explain more of what weight training is, and, more to the point, what it should be. There is a long history of the multitude of different systems of personal combat, full of examples of the use of progressive resistance exercises to improve an individual’s own abilities. Therefore it would be superfluous to list the history of ‘weight training’ in the combat arts, and more beneficial to try to understand how best to use it both for you and your art. Firstly, weight training is to be viewed in the same context as running or stretching. That is as a supplementary aid to the combat skills, not as a replacement for them. Weight training is used to improve the strength of a weaker trainee and to give work to the muscles pertaining to your art. After all, if you had been a bodybuilder and power-lifter to competition standards since your sixteenth birthday, and now at 26 years old, six-foot tall and fifteen stone and are just starting karate, your power development wouldn’t be a worry. ...

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