Thompson Geoff - The fence

Author : Thompson Geoff
Title : The fence The art of protection
Year : 1998

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Introduction. I worked the doors in Coventry for over nine years, and in that time encountered just about every malevolent, un-sentient being you can imagine. Their one goal in life – at least it appeared – was to make a hole in the ground with my head. This wouldn’t be so bad if the very same people didn’t want to hug and kiss me to oblivion every Christmas and New Year. I’m labouring the point, what I’m trying to say is that, after nine years of dealing with shit, I learned the best way to shovel. Without doubt my greatest physical development in all those years of neutralising violence was ‘the fence’. I can’t really say that I invented the fence because many people were, and are, already inadvertently using it successfully. What I can say is that I brought it to the forefront and categorised it. Recognising the potency of this devastating, yet simple, technique, I developed it into an art form, so that many others who perhaps have less experience in the world of brutality might adopt it as a life-saving technique for the contemporary world of ‘in your face’ violence. I have to say that, conceptually, the fence is simple and anyone, irrespective of their skill level, can adopt it. In most aspects of our life where a problem might present itself, simplicity is usually the answer, but often it is grossly overlooked because of its modest demeanour. The fence is no different; it is so real and so obvious that only the enlightened few seem to be able to see it. Many, it would appear, are looking up their own backsides for some mystical, complex, aesthetic dance routine that might devastate several opponents with a flick or a trip, and – at the same time – endear them to their peers. To the latter I would say ‘stick to the kung fu movies because that’s the only place it’ll work.’ Sir Winston Churchill once said that many people stumble upon the truth and then get back up and wander off as though nothing had happened. And that’s generally because the truth is often too simple – or it hurts – or it might mean too many changes. In short the truth is not palatable, it strikes at the heart of lost souls and forces them, momentarily, to see just how far astray they are. At face value the fence looks so simple that many people fail to see it’s potency. It’s not pretty enough to go into the curriculum of the majority who collect techniques like football cards. I don’t collect ornaments to be displayed, I collect rocks that can be thrown at malevolents who wish to enter my world. ...

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