Thakkar G. K. - Shivambu gita

Author : Thakkar G. K.
Title : Shivambu gita Which can bestow upon you new life The last resort or the first choice
Year : 1996

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Brief introduction of the author. Or. G. K. Thakkar, a law graduate by education and an advocate who worked as a Tax Consultant by profession has earned International name and fame as a Urine Therapist and the propagator of SHIVAMBU. Dr. Thakkar's endeavour (SADHANA) for the advancement of transcedental spiritual life is persistently going on, but now he has found a purpose of his life in SHIVAMBU SADHANA for which he has dedicated the rest of his life. As such SHIVAMBU propagation has occupaied the ulmost priority in his purposeful life which is full of faith, selflessness, soft-spokenness, simplicity, punctuality, trans· parent honesty, versatility are some of his special qualities. Although Shivambu Therapy is very ancient and on the basis of experimentation and propagation by great personalities, it is prevalent in India and several countries, but Shivambu Crusade carried on by Dr. Thakkar with dedication, enthusism and selflessness has unique attraction for the people, perceiving which it can be guessed that in the near future people of our country in particular and of the whole world at large will get rid of the vicious circle of inhumanly commercialised medical profession and blessed by Urine Therapy, they will be able to enjoy healthy and happy life. ...

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