Survival gardening with Heirlooms

Author : Heirloom Collections Guide
Title : Survival gardening with Heirlooms
Year : 2009

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Part one : Introduction to seeds. Introduction. Why you need the survival seed bank. Chances are great that if you are reading this ebook you have already purchased the Survival Seed Bank. That means you have at least a partial understanding of why the seeds you are storing are so important for the future of your family. You may not currently have a full understanding of just how dire the world food situation is. You may not quite comprehend why non genetically modified seeds like those in the Survival Seed Bank could truly save the life of you and your family, if necessary. This is why you need these seeds: Have you heard about the giant seed vault up in Norway? There are stored millions of seeds to supposedly “protect” the planet in case of a loss of genetic diversity. The seeds will supposedly be used to grow food in the event of a major catastrophe. The practical matter of fact is that the seeds in the seed bank are controlled by government agencies around the world and are unlikely to do anything to help individual families in the event of a massive world food shortage. Signs of a food shortage are already evident. You may think you can just run out and buy seeds from the hardware store to grow your own food if such a shortage happens. That is simply not true. The reason: most of those seeds are hybrids or genetically modified seeds. You may be able to grow plenty of food for one year, but you won’t be able to save the seed for growing the next year. That is where the Survival Seed Bank comes in. ...

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