Stiles K. G. - The essential oils complete reference guide

Author : Stiles K. G.
Title : The essential oils complete reference guide
Year : 2017

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Introduction. My perspective, as a veteran in the metaphysical healing movement, is that everyone is on a healing journey during their lifetime. There’s always some challenge that needs a solution. This is very apparent at the collective level where the repetition of patterns of war and strife are prevalent. Perhaps now at this seemingly critical moment in human history in which we’ve created such a multiplicity of challenges at the world level including global warming, overpopulation, massive poverty, rampant disease, world starvation and species extinction, there is an opportunity for a mass paradigm shift; a transformation in our way of thinking and behaving in which we move from competition to cooperation. I believe we can look to nature for solutions to our individual and global challenges. Nature and natural life have been adapting to change and evolving for hundreds of thousands of years. If you observe nature you can see that she works holistically and in cooperation through cycles of time to sustain herself. Historically, when things get out of balance, there is massive die-off of species, and natural habitats shift to bring balance once again. I believe we are in one of those major points on planet Earth. From the metaphysical perspective, everything is working perfectly to bring balance into the crisis point we are faced with on planet Earth. It’s attuning to and aligning with natural forces to support them in this natural process of evolution that will help restore balance. Transformation and healing are always available. It’s our willingness to align with natural forces that guides us to see the opportunities available in our own personal life and for planetary evolution. Humans can be the stewards that allow this evolution to take place. Essential oils can help with this process of transformation and change. On an individual level, when used properly, essential oils can act like trusted allies and friends to help you shift and handle any challenges you may be faced with - whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual - in order to become more integrated and whole. As a metaphysician and holistic healing practitioner, I’ve explored using many forms of transformation and healing. Over time I’ve come to focus solely on working with my clients at the metaphysical and energetic level. Your emotion is literally energy in motion. Resistance to feeling the energy expressed as your emotions creates stress in your body, and physical tension builds. Resistance and the suppression of emotions is at the core of most illness and disease. When you release the blocked patterns of emotional resistance, the natural process of transformation that’s always available can occur to bring you back into balance, and healing occurs naturally. Young children express the inner joy that comes with the experience of being alive. Children are naturally inquisitive and creative. Before age four, the majority of children test at genius level, and by age ten they test at average intelligence. ...

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