Spira Leo - The drama of fluorine Arch enemy of mankind

Author : Spira Leo
Title : The drama of fluorine Arch enemy of mankind
Year : 1953

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Preface. The problem of fluorine is the subject of heated discussion allover the country at the present time, in the large city, the prOVincial town,. and the remote village. An enlightened nation, brought up to use its own intelligence, refuses point blank to be told without adequate explanation what people should or should not do in matters affecting the heal th of each one of them. When it is proposed to tamper with their drinking water by altering its chemical composition, they insist on being given facts based on unbiased studies carried out by competent inves tigators. In short, the nation wants to know whether any risk of injury to health is involved. The informaticn so far divulged about the problem of fluorine is, however, extremely biased. When conveyed through the remorseless exploitation of scanty knowledge, the facts have in many cases been grossly distorted. Incessantly repeated to unsuspecting listeners, they might in the absence of contradiction easily be accepted as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. ...

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