Speichert Greg - Speichert Sue - Encyclopedia of water garden plants

Author : Speichert Greg C. - Speichert Sue
Title : Encyclopedia of water garden plants
Year : 2004

Link download : Speichert_Greg_-_Speichert_Sue_-_Encyclopedia_of_water_garden_plants.zip

Foreword. I first met Greg Speichert many years ago, at a symposium in Chicago where we were both presenting. I was immediately impressed by Greg’s enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge, as well as his obvious passion for water plants. The talk he gave that day and the slides that accompanied it led me to explore the rich world of hardy marginals and streamside dwellers with new interest.Again and again in the years that followed, I used Greg and Sue’s enticing Crystal Palace Perennials catalog as a resource to help design clients choose just the right plant for a challenging situation. Through their catalog and their Water Gardening magazine, Greg and Sue have introduced me to a terrific range of plants that thrive in heavy clay soils and tolerate winter immersion (common problems here in the maritime Northwest). Thousands of home gardeners and professionals have come to rely on Greg and Sue for news about the latest trends in water gardening, hot new plants, cool new fish, and a whole lot more. As I have good reason to know, Greg and Sue are both solid, reliable, and efficient problem-solvers with a remarkable range and depth of experience. The Speicherts’ new Encyclopedia ofWater Garden Plants already has a place waiting for it on my reference shelf, and I am certainly not alone in this anticipation. This rich new resource will replace a whole boxful of old Speichert catalogs and article clippings in a much handier format, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. ANN LOVEJOY. Bainbridge Island. ...

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