Sheppard Simon - Sex and power

Author : Sheppard Simon
Title : Sex and power A manual on male-female relations
Year : 2013

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Sex Differences. Why can’t a woman be more like a man ? The most important sex organ in humans is not the genitals, but the brain. Mating in animals follows automatically from simple cues, such as the scent emitted by a female in season, but human sexual activity involves both lower and higher functions of the brain. We can find photographs of naked bodies are arousing, when we know it is not an actual object we can touch and engage with. This is our lower brain speaking to us with messages that have impelled our behaviour for the millions of years of our evolutionary history – our phylogeny, the entire evolutionary development of the human species. Male and female brains differ greatly, because the male brain is modified a few weeks after conception. The Y chromosome is responsible for creating a pair of testes and these send a sequence of testosterone pulses to condition the developing male brain. The quantities of testosterone involved are minute: millionths of a gramme. No such sequence takes place for females – for mammals the default state is to be female. Sexualization follows an uninterrupted course. For birds it is the opposite way round: the default state is to be male. Some of this is covered in the book BrainSex by Anne Moir and David Jessel, but since these sex differences are neglected in modern politically correct discourse, this chapter will summarise the current knowledge and get it out of the way. One physical, readily measurable difference in male and female brains is the width of the corpus callosum. This structure links the two cerebral hemispheres, the left and right halves of the brain. Broadly speaking, logical and speech functions are situated in the left hemisphere, with artistic and emotional processes in the right. In females the corpus callosum is wide and in males it is narrow, and this accounts for the great capacity females have for sensing and expressing emotions. Typically, males are confused about their emotions and might only discuss them in the early hours of the morning after too many drinks. In contrast a favourite female occupation is to sit around thinking about and discussing her feelings, particularly with other females. This difference between the sexes stems directly from the width of the corpus callosum. With around four times the neural pathways in females it forms a sort of super-highway for processing emotions, plus a tendency to mix logic and emotion together. In males the narrowness of the corpus callosum results in feelings quite literally being bottled up. In general, the more feminine the brain, the more diffuse is its organisation. Aphasias – language problems – are rare in females, with men being nearly four times more likely to stammer than women. Prosopagnosia, the inability to recognise faces, like autism, appears similarly to be a disorder mainly affecting males (the author being among them). While most people are right-handed, some are ‘mixed-handed.’ They might favour writing with one hand but catching a ball with the other. Several studies have linked mixed-handedness with mothers having endured stress during pregnancy, and this suggests that the location of many brain functions is fluid. ...

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