Shafer Betty L. - Makeup insight

Author : Shafer Betty L.
Title : Makeup insight Your personal guide to makeup style
Year : 19**

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Foreword. The right makeup, applied correctly, emphasizes natural beauty and underscores individuality. Your makeup should take into consideration all the special components that make you who you are. Yet, many women feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of product and color options available today. The key to making wise decisions is to know what the various cosmetic options can do for you. After you find the best makeup products, you need planning, organization, and then follow-through. All the cosmetics in the world, unused, or used incorrectly will not help your appearance. Makeup proficiency is a matter of knowledge, practice and attention to detail. In this book, Betty Shafer helps you evaluate facial structure, skin type and skin tone to discover the best makeup options, colors and techniques. It also contains guidelines and suggestions that will enable you to create a look that is as individual as the clothes you wear - your personal makeup style. Makeup Insight is not only accurate and complete, but it also is well-organized and clearly written. I recommend it to individuals and professionals alike. In fact, it is included in the training materials received by each consultant trained by Always In Style Cosmetics. ...

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