Savoy - Magic Bullets

Author : Savoy
Title : Magic Bullets
Year : 2007

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Those were the first words I heard Savoy say during the in-field portion of my Mystery Method bootcamp. Until then I had been… skeptically unconvinced. During the first day at seminar, I thought it sounded great, but wondered whether it was the real deal or not. Then I watched Savoy open a set with those ridiculous words, immediately get attraction…and then end up alone with an attractive woman. It was enough to let me know I had things to learn from this man. I later became an intern while I was still in college and the “office” was Savoy’s living room. Back then it was just Misschievous, Savoy and I. We went for Indian food, worked out together and argued over why he so foolishly loved the Philadelphia Eagles. I also met Style and many of the other world’s greatest pickup artists. I was really happy to be there. And I saw what Savoy was capable of firsthand. I saw a LOT of different women leaving his house in the morning when I showed up for work.. Sometimes two. ;) It started to crystallize in my mind that there were greater possibilities for me. I had been okay with girls after my program, but it still hadn’t really clicked that I could achieve THIS lifestyle. Savoy took me under his wing and showed me how to do it. The guy was an amazing resource and teacher. He was proof that even a boardgame playing dork from Newfoundland with horrible taste in football can have insanely good and consistent game... And it rubbed off. With his help, I began to live the life I’d been dreaming of and different girls started leaving MY house every morning as well. Then the company grew from 3 of us to 4, to 5 and moved to LA. I watched firsthand as Savoy turned us into the leading in-field, cold-approach dating company in the world. I watched as reporters from all over the world started calling. I watched a company grow exactly as Savoy had planned it all along from day one. We taught thousands of students and changed tens of thousands of lives. All along, he has been one of the greatest mentors and friends I have ever had. I consider myself lucky to have him as a boss and as a friend who I still call for dating advice to this day. The book you are about to read is not a magic bullet in the sense that reading it will completely change you overnight. The title is ironic, really. But what it will do is give you the map and the skills to get to the place where you want to be, through a combination of hard work, dedication and the application of the wisdom you are about to read. If you commit to putting what is in these pages into practice you WILL attain the relationships and lifestyle of your dreams. I honestly can’t think of anyone better to learn from. For those of you who know my reputation, the knowledge in this book was the path that led me to where I am today. It should be read a couple of times to get the full benefit because there is just so much to learn… If there is any “magical” way to get better with women. be it attracting, building or maintaining great relationships, it’s contained within these pages…so in that sense, it is the closest thing to a magic bullet around. Read it, internalize it and apply it with dedication and passion, and I hope that all of you reach the goals that you set out to achieve as you enrich and transform yourselves with the insights contained in this book… SINNcerely, Sinn. ...

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