Sasportas Howard - The twelve houses

Author : Sasportas Howard
Title : The twelve houses Exploring the houses of the horoscope
Year : 1985

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I am proud to have the opportunity to republish this seminal work on the astrological houses, and I would like to thank the following for their contributions to this new edition: Jane Struthers, Deana Necic, Tamara Stamenkovic, Melanie Reinhart, Laura Boomer-Trent, Erin Sullivan, Darby Costello, Liz Greene, Barbara Levy and Marc Gerstein. Frank Clifford, Flare Publications, 12 May 2007 Howard took enormous pleasure from the knowledge that he would be leaving behind a respected and well read collection of writings. Perhaps the cornerstone of his work is The Twelve Houses. As his executor and lifelong friend, I share his pleasure in knowing that this work will continue to be read and appreciated by the next generation of astrologers. Marc Gerstein, Executor to the estate of Howard Sasportas. ...

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