Rowen Chris - Kata Tensho

Author : Rowen Chris
Title : Kata Tensho Ancient form to modern-day application
Year : 2005

Link download :

Foreword. I am so glad that Chris Rowen has decided to write this book. Along with many other senior karate practitioners, I love Kata Tensho. I was first taught the form by Chris some twenty years ago in his traditional dojo on the top floor of the East West Centre in London. Chris had trained with the late Grandmaster Yamaguchi Gogen in Japan, immersing himself fully in the training, culture and spirit of the Honbu dojo for three years; learning the Japanese language, becoming a Shinto priest, a Shiatsu healer and third dan grade Goju Kai karateka at the same time. Over those twenty years we have remained firm friends. When I was Chairman of the Governing Body for Karate, Chris was the Secretary and we used his dojo as the office and had many happy hours training there. It was also the location for my first video shoot. Chris visited me many times and when I opened my full-time traditional dojo twelve years ago, Chris consecrated my Shinto shrine and taught me to maintain it properly, visiting it annually for a blessing. He has taught on many of my courses and is a popular instructor. Chris is a quiet and private man. His spiritual life is integrated into everything he does, so he’s not given to promoting himself or demonstrating his amazing martial skill. I have spent years persuading him to pass his knowledge on in a wider sphere for the benefit of the arts. That’s why I’m glad to see this book and accompanying DVD, as it lays down the definitive version of the kata for posterity. Tensho is a beautiful, powerful, adaptable and traditional kata. Since learning it from Chris, I studied the Chinese version, which teaches the ‘five animal hands’ from Nathan Johnson and have discussed it widely with great martial practitioners such as Steve Arniel, ninth dan exponent of the powerful Kyokushinkai style of karate, and the legendary ‘Samurai on the Door’ street knockout specialist Dennis Jones – both claim it is a favourite form. Although I practise the Wado-Ryu style of karate, I incorporated both Sanchin and Kata Tensho into my syllabus after I learned it from Chris – Sanchin to provide the internal system of the martial arts and Tensho to transmit the power and skills learned from Sanchin for a wide variety of uses to include escaping, grappling, striking, locking, blocking and dislocation. Chris has certainly had an influence on my karate and dojo life. His knowledge of Goju karate – its history, ethos, forms, techniques and their application – is, in my opinion, unsurpassable. This book is a must for any serious martial arts practitioner. Steve Rowe Chairman of Shikon Martial Art International, seventh dan. ...

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