Rocca Antonino - Self defense and physical fitness

Author : Rocca Antonino
Title : Self defense and physical fitness
Year : 1965

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Introduction. "Why exercise?" is a question that you have already answered in your own way by opening this book. But until you have gone through this complete program of exercises with regular and systematic repetition, you will never appreciate the full feeling of physical freedom, the joy of well-being, and the complete pleasure of being alive that come from being physically fit. For the young, exercise will supply a strong foundation for all sports and athletics. For the adult, it will help ward off the tensions and frustrations of modern life, and will make work easier and Jeisure more fun. Intelligent and moderate use of this program by older people will help them to quicken their step, keep up with their grandchildren, and have a feeling of general well-being and vigor often thought to belong only to the young. The Rocca Exercise Program will help everyone sleep better, eat more wisely, and resist disease. It will open the lungs, strengthen and steady the heartbeat, tighten the skin, and improve over-all appearance. What equipment do you need to exercise with Rocca? Nothing, really, but the corner of a bedroom, living room, shop, or office and the will to exercise with Rocca. How much time will it take? Fifteen minutes a day should be sufficient, but don't spend your time watching the clock. Some days you may have the time and energy to work longer; other days you might not feel like exercising at all. Don't give in to this feeling. It can be fatal to your training program and development. Exercise at least enough to expand your breathing and step up your circulation. You might then surprise yourself by not wanting to stop. You cannot become physically fit in a single day, w don't rush your program. There is no such thing as instant exercise. Reaching the peak of condition can take several months, or longer. Begin gradually and easily. Most people will feel some soreness and stiffness the first few days. This is a good indjcation of how much your muscles have been neglected. After a few days of exercise, the aches and pains should gradually disappear. ...

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