Quattrocchi Vito - The sicilian blade

Author : Quattrocchi Vito
Title : The sicilian blade The art of sicilian stiletto fighting
Year : 1993

Link download :

Preface. It was with much uncertainty that I took pen in hand to write this book. It must be clearly understood that the principles of Sicilian stiletto fighting are deadly techniques that teach one to kill. Because of that reason, the words between these covers are vulnerable to condemnation. Nevertheless, an honorable purpose stands on its own merit. As long as people do violence against each other in lust, greed and ambition, violence will persist and the violent principles in this book will have a purpose. When a violent, ambitious man takes the life of another to fulfill his greed the suffering of the dead man's family is incomprehensible to the outsider. The realness of this violence must be faced with the same direct approach it attacks with. This way the honorable man may stand his ground in defense of himself and his loved ones. This book is dedicated to all honorable men who stand against evil that they may save their own lives and the lives of those close to them by confidently engaging their enemy with the principles taught in this book. Keep in mind that The Sicilian Blade is a recipe for death. Use it wisely and with caution. Don Vito Quattrocchi. ...

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