Pfeiffer Daniel - Energetic Chinese Medicine

Author : Pfeiffer Daniel
Title : Energetic Chinese Medicine
Year : 2017

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What prompted me to write this book. Before I came to pranic healing. I had engaged myself in Traditional Chinese Medicine (short form : TCM) for a long time. What had always fascinated me was its clear structure and the art of being able to understand a human being in its entirety very quickly and profoundly. Unlike the western approach of looking at a disease isolated from the personality and to a large extent from the environment of the patient, in TCM the patient’s personality is a crucial part of the diagnosis and therefore the therapy. Due to an old tradition, we can estimate several millennia, Healers were dependent on making a diagnosis without any measurements which are daily routine nowadays. This seemed to be a disadvantage, but proved to be an essential advantage of diagnostic investigation. This made room for the “big picture” and the single diagnostic findings were arranged in a system. This was the only way of becoming aware of the inner interdependence of the single fractions of a person and its surroundings. Nevertheless the ways of modern western medicine are justified and also its specialization in individual organs is often of great benefit. ...

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