Peilin Sun - The treatment of pain with chinese herbs and acupuncture

Author : Peilin Sun
Title : The treatment of pain with chinese herbs and acupuncture
Year : 2007

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Forewords. Foreword by Shi Zhongan. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the most important components of Chinese culture, has a long-standing history and consists of a profound and extensive source of knowledge. It has made a great contribution to the well-being and prosperity of the Chinese people. At present, TCM is also becoming well known outside China, playing a unique role in the health of people of other nationalities. The key point of TCM is treatment based on differentiation. Differentiation involves a search for the pathology of a condition by systematically examining the patient's signs and symptoms, as well as other clinical information. The treatment utilises either Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture, or a combination of both, so as to eliminate the causative factors and alleviate the pain. Pain is the primary syndrome, and it occurs during the everyday life of most people. Hence the search for effective treatments for pain control has been one of the main medical tasks for all practitioners of different modalities over the centuries. Some valuable experiences and excellent techniques are recorded in the voluminous literature, and yet no single TCM monograph that deals systematically with this topic has been published to date. From this point of view, the compilation of such a text is of great significance, which could prove valuable for TCM practice. Sun Peilin, one of my students, is modest, full of curiosity and eager to learn. Whilst compiling his previously published book on Bi syndrome, he became aware of research findings on pain treatment by both TCM and Western medicine and began to collect this literature. Ten years ago, he emigrated to Europe but our correspondence and academic exchange have never ceased. He never felt ashamed to ask questions and always tried his best to increase his theoretical knowledge and improve his clinical practice. Four years ago, he started to compile this book on pain treatment in English, but as he was so busy with his lecturing and daily clinical practice he found it impossible to complete such a huge work alone. Sohe has invited some other professors and colleagues of TCM who share the same interests to collaborate in this book and add their considerable clinical experience on pain treatment. The first part of this book describes in detail the aetiology and pathology of pain, the differentiation of pain and the therapeutic characteristics and principles. The following chapters deal with pain syndromes in 46 areas of the body. The discussion in each chapter covers the general characteristics, related disorders in Western medicine, aetiology, pathology, the general principle of treatment, Chinese herbal and acupuncture treatment and case histories. In particular, there are interesting and practical explanations and modifications given for the herbal and acupuncture treatments. This book should be a valuable reference for the practice, teaching and research of both TCM and Western medicine, and I congratulate the authors on its publication. It is my pleasure to write a foreword for this book. ShiZhongan. ...

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