Pandit M. P. - Kundalini Yoga

Author : Pandit M. P.
Title : Kundalini Yoga A Brief study of Sir John Woodroffe's "The Serpent Power"
Year : 1959

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Preface. One of the most important arrivals in the world of books of late is The Serpent Power by Sir John Woodroffe. Now running into its sixth edition, under the sponsorship of the renowned firm Ganesh and Co. - a name that has become a byword for the publication of authentic Tantra literature-this remarkable book has been deservedly acclaimed as the most successful work of the author. For, here is found an extraordinarily lucid, elegant and yet exhaustive account of one line of India's spiritual tradition and practice viz., the Sadhana of the Tantras with special reference to the mode of Yoga around which its whole philosophy is centred. The author's presentation of the subject attains a mastery and sublimity unequalled in any of his other works. For Sir John, it will be remembered with gratitude, has been the most redoubtable champion of the much maligned and thoroughly misunderstood Tantra Sastra of this ancient land and is responsible for a large number of works seeking to disabuse the rational mind of its unthinking prejudices on the subject and to re-establish the Science in its rightful eminence. It is an old story how this hoary tradition dating from the age of the Veda gradually fell into disuse and misuse with the decline in the general vitality of the Indian civilisation and came to be looked upon with suspicion as little more than black magic and sorcery-if not still worse - and shunned by the 'educated' opinion of modern India. ...

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