Nbk2000 - Rules to profit by

Author : Nbk2000
Title : Rules to profit by
Year : 2006

Link download :

This, the "Rules To Profit By" or RTPB for short, is a guide for criminal behavior and methodology. It is by no means the last and final word but, for the rookie criminal, it's a training manual to avoid repeating the mistakes of other criminals. It also presents a way to learn some important "tricks of the trade" without having to learn them the hard way. Sometimes the rules will contradict each other. Use your best judgement about which rule most applies to your particular situation. Remember, the young thug may know the RTPB, but the old godfather knows the exceptions. So stick to the rules till you gain enough experience to know when to make exceptions. I guarantee you that, if you follow these rules religiously, you'll avoid 99% of the mistakes that other criminals make, and that the cops investigating the crime (if they even discover it) will think a seasoned professional, not a rank amateur, committed it. ...

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