Mother Earth alcohol fuel

Author : Mother’s Alcohol Fuel Seminar
Title : Mother Earth alcohol fuel
Year : 1980

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Chapter 1. Introduction to a Farmer's Fuel ... Alcohol. Introductory Overview of the Alcohol Production Flow Chart. A Short But Complex Story About Enzymes and Their Functions. Introduction to a Farmer's Fuel ... Alcohol. Our definition of alcohol fuel is a nearly 100 percent alcohol with a tad of water in it - not a blend of alcohol with gasoline. So ... why an alcohol fuel? And why not a blend of gasoline and alcohol.? There are several reasons why we chose an alcohol fuel. The first and probably most important one is that alcohol can be made by anyone, with a minimum of equipment. The knowledge necessary to make it can be obtained just by reading this book. As long as folks can grow certain plants, they can make alcohol fuel to run all or part of their power equipment. Dependence upon someone else to supply that fuel is no longer a problem or a threat. Second, alcohol is a good fuel, superior to gasoline in many ways: It can give extra power to certain engines, it is almost non-polluting compared to gasoline, it is safe and easy to handle. Third, the cost of conversion from gasoline to alcohol is inexpensive: For many engines it is merely an adjustment of the carburetor jets. Why not a gasohol fuel? The problem is water. Water and alcohol are totally miscible liquids. That is, they mix in all proportions. Pure alcohol and gasoline are also miscible liquids. But water and gasoline are not. This means that an alcohol-and-gasoline blend must be almost free of water. To make a 200-proof alcohol on the farm would require expensive equipment and additional production expenditures. At this time, that added expense would price a fuel blend beyond reason. But alcohol of 167 proof (16.5% water) is as good a fuel as 200-proof (100%) alcohol and better than gasohol. Really, it comes down to basic survival. Right now, the fuel shortage doesn't seem all that serious. It's something like having a leaking roof: When it isn't raining, the problem is not so bad ... but when it is raining? The bottom line to all this is that when the next fuel shortage comes - and you can bet that one will - the ones who have prepared best will survive with the least pain. ...

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