Morris Vince - Trimble Aidan - Karate Kata and application Volume 3

Authors : Morris Vince - Trimble Aidan
Title : Karate Kata and application Volume 3
Year : 1991

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Kata. Kata are a predetermined series of blocking, evading and countering techniques against single or multiple attackers, who may be armed or unarmed. ln a sense Kata are not peculiar to Eastern fighting arts. That is to say that the concept of providing an instructional manual is not, for these are to be found in many European languages covering arts mnging from medieval swordsmanship to modern-day boxing. One element stands out, however, as being significantly different in the Oriental Kata. In the majority of cases the Kata are taught to students by example, only rarely were the early techniques recorded in diagrammatic or textual form, on scrolls which were kept secret and passed on only to exceptional students who had proved themselves worthy after many years practice. Generally these secret scrolls contained brief details of the main instruction which was passed on orally and by example. They were often presented in a deliberately obscure fashion so as to be of little use if they fell in to the hands of someone not well versed in the traditions and teachings of that particular school. ...

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