Mol Serge - Classical fighting arts of Japan

Author : Mol Serge
Title : Classical fighting arts of Japan A compIete guide to Koryu Jujutsu
Year : 1970

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Foreword. I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Mr. Serge Mol on the publication of his book on Japan's ancient koryO jujutsu, which will introduce the soul of samurai culture to people around the world. It goes without saying that koryO jujutsu, the samurai fighting an used by samurai warriors on the battlefield or in individual fighting is the original source of the contemporary Olympic spon of judo, as well as of other modem budo such as aikido and shorinji kenpo, which enthusiasts now study around the world. Koryû jujutsu is a very old discipline. Its roots can be traced to Japan's ancient myths; in order to express its great age, people sometimes say that its history exceeds "ten thousand years." However, the traditions that are transmitted today staned in about the fifteenth century. During the lengthy Sengoku, or Warring States, period, warriors would go to the battlefield to face enemies dad in armor. Against such enemies, the use of atemi, or body strikes, to the vital points of the body was highly impractical. Instead warriors needed to use powerful grappling techniques to throw an enemy down; when they had done this they could bring him under control, and then take his head or capture him alive. The grappling techniques used in these fights were known as yoroi kumiuchi. The bushido, or way of the warrior, was established during the Edo period, which was a time of peace rather than of battle, but even at that time, most warriors continued to bear in mind the admonition "During times of peace, do not forget war"; most did not neglect their bujutsu practice. While continuing to practice yoroi kumiuchi, they also practiced and developed suhada jujutsu, a complete fighting system encompassing both defensive and offensive technique and suitable for fighting in ordinary clothes. These techniques included hitting, thrusting, and kicking as well as strangling, immobilizing, and locking. Starting as a system for overcoming, empty-handed, an opponent who might be either armed or unarmed, there is evidence that this system also gave binh to techniques using kenjutsu (sword art), sojutsu {spear art), bojutsu (staff an), or weapons such as the tanto (dagger), jutte (truncheon), or even kakushibuki (hiddf'n weapons) that were intended to force an enemy to surrender. Centuries ago, jujutsu was also called taijutsu {body an) and according to one old proverb, taijutsu was both the mother and father of bujutsu. Jujutsu, the foundation of all samurai martial arts, was finally completed as the ultimate method of self-defense. Also, according to the samurai code, it would be embarrassing for a highranking warrior who faced a warrior opponent who was much lower in rank to use his spear or draw his sword. For a warrior of lower rank it was also of the utmost importance to subdue a nonwarrior opponent without using his sword. This kind of proud bushido spirit and passion is the foundation of all of jujutsu, and this is why jujutsu has been studied by so many people over the centuries, and transmitted to the present day. The author, Serge Mol, has been my disciple for many years. He started from yoroi kumiuchi and suhada jujutsu and went on to train in iai, suemonogiri, bojutsu, sojutsu, kenjutsu, and other arts. fn the sections of iai and yawara he even achieved menkyo kaiden. He continued to increase his level, visiting many of my acquaintances who are koryu bujutsu teachers throughout Japan over the course of his study, in an effort to deepen his knowledge still further. Nowadays, even in Japan there are many imitation koryu bujutsu, but even more than many Japanese people, Serge Mol is able to distinguish the true from the false. I le has put his entire heart into this masterpiece, and I believe that this book will be of great value to many people. Grandmaster Tanaka Fumon. ...

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