Mense Siegfried - Gerwin Robert D. - Muscle pain

Authors : Mense Siegfried - Gerwin Robert D.
Title : Muscle pain Understanding the mechanisms
Year : 2010

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Foreword. This edition of the companion volumes Muscle Pain: Understanding the Mechanisms and Muscle Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment is essential reading for those interested in clinical approaches to acute and chronic pain conditions involving muscle tissues and in the mechanisms underlying these conditions. The volumes cover a very important topic in pain medicine, since muscle pain is very common and can often be difficult to diagnose and treat effectively. Furthermore, chronic pain involving muscle and other components of the musculoskeletal system increases with age, such that it is a common complaint of those of us who are middle-aged or older. Indeed, as changing population demographics in “westernized” countries result in higher proportions of the population living longer and being middle-aged and elderly, chronic muscle pain will likely become even more of a health problem. In the case of acute muscle pain, this can often be very intense, and in the short term can limit or modify the use of components of the musculoskeletal system associated with the sensitive muscle. Chronic muscle pain can also be intense, as well as unpleasant and disabling, and it is in many cases the over-riding symptom of most musculoskeletal disorders that are associated with long-term deleterious changes in musculoskeletal function. This can present a challenge both to the patient who has to live with the condition and to the clinician called upon to assist the patient, not only because of the physical or biomechanical impediment but also because of the presence of chronic pain reflecting persistent alterations in the peripheral muscle tissues and/or central nervous system. Chronic pain is now recognized as a multidimensional experience encompassing cognitive, emotional and motivational aspects as well as the sensory or perceptual dimension. Thus, as the editors of this work note in their preface, it can distort the patient’s life, including work, family and social relationships, and can change the patient’s perception of himself or herself from being an effective and independent human being to one who is ineffective and dependent. These features apply especially to patients with chronic muscle pain, and the range and impact of most musculoskeletal disorders and the pain that they manifest dictate that clinicians need to have a good knowledge base about pain and adopt a broad biopsychosocial perspective in order to provide effective management of the patient. These companion volumes provide this knowledge base and perspective. Although the etiology and pathogenesis of several muscle pain conditions are still unclear, recent advances have been made in understanding muscle pain mechanisms and in the management of the conditions. The chapters in these books collectively provide up-to-date details of these mechanisms and management approaches. The anatomy and neurophysiology relevant to muscle pain is covered in Muscle Pain: Understanding the Mechanisms. It offers a solid basic science underpinning for the more clinically oriented second volume, Muscle Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment, which outlines present knowledge of etiologic and pathophysiologic processes, and which also deals with current approaches to the management of the various conditions manifesting muscle pain. Like its predecessor, these companion volumes should prove to be an invaluable resource not only to clinical practitioners wanting to have a basic understanding of pain mechanisms and clinical approaches currently available to diagnose and manage muscle pain problems, but also to basic and clinical pain scientists who are interested in an up-to-date and comprehensive review of the diagnostic and management approaches to muscle pain. Toronto. Barry J. Sessle. ...

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