Muir Pete - Complete training guide

Author : Muir Pete
Title : Men's fitness magazine Complete training guide Gain muscle Lose fat Look great 278 exercices demonstrated in detail
Year : 2010

Link download :

Here we go. Welcome to the Complete Training Guide. Brought to you by the people who create Men's Fitness magazine every month, this is the ultimate reference guide for anyone who wants to change their body shape. For many years it has been proven that the best way to achieve this is through weight training, and this guide provides everything you need to know about training with weights safely and effectively. Put simply, by working your muscles against a resistance you create tiny tears in your muscle fibres that heal bigger and stronger than they were before. Building muscle is also an effective way of burning fat because your body is obliged to burn up calories from your fat stores simply by sustaining the extra muscle you carry. Of course, this doesn't mean you can live off pizzas and expect to have the body of an Olympic athlete, but we will discuss the best things to eat at the end of the book. ...

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