Mears Raymond - The survival handbook

Author : Mears Raymond
Title : The survival handbook
Year : 1990

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Introduction. 'My son, you know no one will help you in this world... You must run to that mountain and come back. That will make you strong. My son, you know no one is your friend, not even your sister, your father, your mother. Your legs are your friends; your brain is your friend; your hands arc your friends; you must do something with them.' (The words of an Apache father, An Apache Life by Morris Opler.) Do you like clean air, fresh water and the wonders of the natural world? If so read on for this book is written for you. The skills contained within this book are not new, experts have been writing about them for nearly a hundred years, grouping them together under the well-suited title of 'woodcraft'. In more recent years they have somehow acquired a macho image and been renamed survival skills. There is no real harm in this but for the fact that in the process, many of the techniques have been inaccurately described. To those of us who grew up with, and still use the original skills of woodcraft, these errors are alarming if sometimes funny. But more importantly they represent the watering down and gradual disappearance of knowledge and experience which was formerly passed from father to son, mother to daughter. Were these skills to disappear altogether it would be a tragedy, for they are our birthright, a living link with our palaeolithic ancestors, that allows us to see nature with native eyes and understanding. ...

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