Matsuyama F. A. - How to use the Yawara stick

Author : Matsuyama F. A.
Title : How to use the Yawara stick
Year : 1948

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How the Yawara Stick Was Developed. As instructor of Police, Police Departments, Police Schools and numerous Law Enforcement bodies, it became apparent that there was a great need for a police weapon which would offer more than ample protection to Police Officers, with a minimum possibility of injury to the person or persons on whom it was used. From my own experience and from discussions with various Chiefs of Police and other Enforcement Officers, I learned that it was not- uncommon for Officers to have their saps, billies, night-sticks or other weapons taken from them, particularly when apprehending two or more persons. Having observed also that some Officers unfortunately have to accept early retirement, due to injuries or ailments resulting from altercations in the performance of their duties, and still others who could not enjoy regular retirement due to ill health, I decided to try and do something about it. After years of study, research and a great deal of experimentation, I have developed the Yawara stick. This new Police weapon is small, compact and easy to carry. Yet it is so flexible in its use that it can be used in either hand, forward or backward, or at any angle, with equal effectiveness. Its deep-set "spikes," located just below the knobs at either end of the plastic Yawara stick, are there for the purpose of preventing anyone from wresting it from an Officer's grasp. Should anyone attempt to take the Yawara stick from the Officer, these "spikes" will leave a very telling mark. Such marks will prove valuable evidence, even years later, should the culprit escape. This manual presents in a very concise form a great amount of information, both in words and photographs, which will provide Officers with very vital and practical instructions in the proper use of the Yawara stick. It will help make their jobs more pleasant, their work more effective, and bring additional credit to their Deparhnent. The Yawara stick is very effective, easy to carry, easy to learn how to use, and easy to remember. It is hard-in fact, almost impossible-for anyone to wrest it from an Officer's grasp. The Yawara stick is better appearing, very inconspicuous, and is not objectionable to the public-even when it is being used. With the Yawara stick I have endeavored to make arrest easier, faster, more humane, and with less exertion on the part of the Officer. For the Officer who wants to do his job better and enjoy the good health and happiness to which he is entitled upon retirement, the Yawara stick is the proper " tool" for his -Police job. It is because I want to help you, our Guardians of Law and Order, that I have developed the Yawara stick and published this manual of instructions. Prof. F. A. MATSUYAMA. ...

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