Markson George - Gardening Growing organic food in your backyard

Author : Markson George
Title : Gardening Growing organic food in your backyard
Year : 2016

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Introduction. Dear Reader, Thank you for downloading the “Gardening: Growing Organic Food in Your Backyard” eBook. This book contains ideas and lessons on how to set up your own garden at home. In the 21st century, we have started relying too much on supermarkets and electronics for living a comfortable life. We sometimes forget that nature is also a vital aspect of our daily life. With this book, I want you to put your cell phones down for some time every day, stop rushing to the supermarket every time you have to buy groceries, and actually spend some time working in a garden. By investing some of your time in an organic garden, you’ll be able to develop new skills, connect with nature instead of living in a materialistic bubble, and actually see the results of your effort in the plants you grow. Besides that, the practice of organic gardening can also be extremely healthy and therapeutic for your mind, body, and spirit. You may be someone who is extremely passionate about extending your backyard with new organic vegetables, or you may be someone who is completely new to the idea of gardening and only has a small gardening space, this book doesn’t discriminate. It is going to guide both beginners and expert home gardeners towards building a better organic garden in your home. Sometimes it is just a small detail that you don’t usually think of that is affecting the progress of your garden and with this book, maybe you can find that small detail. Each chapter of the book is complete in itself so if you’re passionate to know about a specific gardening topic, you can dive right in! If you’re someone who is looking to learn in depth about organic gardening and how you can benefit from it, you’ve downloaded the right book. Experiment, make mistakes, fail, succeed, it is all part of your exciting gardening journey. ...

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