Maisel Eric - Brainstorm

Author : Maisel Eric
Title : Brainstorm Harnessing the power of productive obsessions
Year : 2010

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Introduction. In this book I'm going to describe a wonderful habit of mind that’s available to you right now.When you get into the habit of bitingmore fully into your own ideas, stirring up brainstorms, and productively obsessing, you feel more alive and becomemore creative.You do a better job of solving your problems. You give your brain the gift of a productive obsession by inviting it to think hard about something that matters to you, and your brain thanks you, having been waiting for exactly that invitation. These brainstorms are one of the brain’s glories, and this invitation is the only gift your brain has ever really wanted. I want to explain to you both the virtues and the practicalities of brainstorms: why you want to cultivate productive obsessions, what makes them so powerful, and how to nurture and use them. ...

47 lectures

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