Lott John R. - More guns Less crime

Author : Lott John R.
Title : More guns Less crime Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws
Year : 1998

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The debate set off by this book was quite astonishing to me. Despite attacks early on when mv paper was published in the joumal of Legal Studies, I was still rather unprepared for the publicity generated by the book in 1998. This expanded edition not only discusses the ensuing political debate and responds to the various criticisms, but also extends the data set to cover additional years. Replicating the results over additional years is important, so as to verify the original research. The new extended and broadened data set has also allowed me to study new gun laws, ranging from safe-storage provisions to one-gun-a-month purchase rules. It has also allowed me to extend my study of the Rrady law and its impact to its first three years. Other extensions of the data set include entirely new city-level statistics, which made it possible to account more fully for policing policies. Since I finished writing- the first edition of this book in 1997, I have continued working on many related gun and crime issues. A new section of the book draws on continued research that I am conducting with numerous talented coauthors: William Landes on multiple-victim public shootings, John Whitley on safe-storage gun laws, and Kevin Cremin on police policies. Other work was published in the May 1998 American Economic Review under the title "Criminal Deterrence, Geographic Spillovers, and the Riht to Carry Concealed Handguns," coauthored with Stephen Bronars. Also, an article of mine, "The Concealed Handgun Debate," was published in the January 1998 issue of thelournal of Lenal Studies. ...

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