Latourette Peter - How To Meet Beautiful Women

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Title : How To Meet Beautiful Women
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Gentlemen, welcome to the jungle. I am sure that you are well aware of the fierce competition that we routinely encounter in our daily lives. We have to compete for jobs, social status, and yes WOMEN. This is a fundamental reality that will not change anytime soon. The material in this guide has been designed to provide you with the competitive edge you need to be successful in meeting, dating, and having meaningful relationships with beautiful women. THE INITIAL ENCOUNTER. Hey guys, let's get straight down to business!! It is a scientifically proven fact that the brains of men and women are psychologically different. You must learn how to exploit these differences to your advantage. A basic knowledge of how the average woman thinks is the strongest weapon that you can have when trying to start a relationship. I am well aware that at first glance this sounds cold and calculating. However, after you start dating the woman that you desire, it will be at this point that she will fall in love with you. Dating her will provide you the opportunity to showcase who you really are, a nice, hardworking, good guy. The simple fact is that before we try to build any type of relationship we must first get the lady to open up to us. The starting point might be her acceptance of a date with you. It can also be her speaking with you right on the spot. It is during this critical initial encounter that she will decide whether or not you are the man that she would like to build a relationship with. It is exactly at this point where you must be cold and calculating. She is sizing you up, and comparing you to her idea of the perfect man. Many men fail at this stage of the game because they simply do not realize that the woman they are trying to conquer is closely analyzing their behavior. One of the biggest mistakes made by guys is that they try to impress girls as if the girls were "one of the boys". Stay away from this type of behavior. I have had hundreds of men ask me " why can't women be more like men?". Well, the simple answer is, that women are not men. You must always treat them like ladies. Their behavior is different from yours. Their perceptions, priorities, and actions are also different. If you are to be successful in dating, it will be essential that you obtain a basic understanding of this. Very few men realize that women love to be treated like ladies. If you are one of the few who do realize this important concept, then you are armed with the most important tool needed to begin building a meaningful relationship. It is extremely important to take a close look at ourselves as men. It is equally important to understand why we are who we are. The more in touch you are with yourself, the more attractive you will become to the opposite sex. You're comfortable with yourself, thus, others will be comfortable with you. In general, women will be very happy with this type of man, because they enjoy the company of someone who is sure of himself. So listen guys, be confident and let it show. Women worry a lot more than men do. They fret about such things as work, money, health and family. A sophisticated approach in appealing to a woman involves the subtle suggestion that you will be "good for her future". She needs to clearly understand that you are a person who can handle tough situations. You can be counted on to take care of things for her, and bring her happiness. Let her tell you what her concerns are. What bothers her? Explain to her how you dealt with similar situations, and offer her some intelligent, concrete suggestions. If she seems to be lacking self confidence tell her how capable she seems to you, and that based upon what you have seen in her, she will have no problem handling the situation. Many times during your initial encounter with women, this type of scenario will play itself out. She will evaluate your every response. She is testing you. She is asking herself "what kind of husband will this man be to me?", "what kind of father will he be to my kids?". Keep this in mind as she mentions her concerns. At times a woman will casually ask you a question in an off-hand manner that will give you the impression that she is not really concerned with your response. However, in reality she is weighing your words very carefully. Make sure that you provide her with sensible intelligent responses. ...

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