Lam Kam Chuen - The way of energy

Author : Lam Kam Chuen
Title : The way of energy Mastering the chinese art of internal strength with Chi Kung exercise
Year : 1991

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How to Use this Book. This book will help you master the basic Zhan Zhuang system of Chi Kung internal energy exercise. The instructions are based on the experience of many masters and their students: if you follow them precisely you will be in safe hands. Part One introduces the warm ups and the first two standing exercises and outlines the sensations that you may feel when beginning or progressing to a new level. Part Two takes you on to the intermediate level, with a more powerful series of warm up exercises, and three more standing positions. The four most advanced postures are introduced in Part Three, along with "mentality exercises", which are visualization techniques used to enhance the effectiveness of the postures. Part Four explains how Zhan Zhuang can be incorporated into everyday life. The last chapter deals with the self-treatment of minor ailments. The techniques presented in this book are available to people of all ages and levels of fitness. Chapter 9 gives programmes for those starting Zhan Zhuang at different stages of life, for example, in middle age, and for the elderly. It is very important to respect the advice on each of the exercises and not to skip ahead to try out something that is too advanced for you. Unlike keep-fit systems that set fixed regimes, Zhan Zhuang allows for your individuality. You can progress at your own pace, working carefully and systematically through the exercises, following the guidelines in Parts One to Three of this book. Once you are comfortable doing each exercise, you will be able to create a daily programme of your own, drawing on the postures and techniques you have learned. Like all good exercise systems, regular practice is essential. There is no point in rushing ahead, seeking instant results. Zhan Zhuang works on your internal energy patterns and usually manifests external results only after a few months. If you practise these exercises as part of your daily routine, you will continue to develop your internal power over a whole lifetime. The drawings and photographs in this book have been supervised by Master Lam Kam Chuen. If you are able to find a qualified instructor, this book will be a permanent resource for your training. A WORD OF CAUTION Positions 6 to 9 (pp. 104-119) in this book have a strong effect on your circulatory system and, as with all intense exercise, push up your blood pressure during the period of training. Attempt these positions only if your doctor advises that your normal blood pressure level will permit this. ...

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