Kreiter John - Create a servitor

Author : Kreiter John
Title : Create a servitor
Year : 2014

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Introduction. I've always believed in the power of the mind. As a child I remember that I could always make myself sick on command if I had to, whatever it took to get out of school. I would usually have dream déjà vu and I would never cease to be amazed by the fact that something in my dreams would later become part of my objective reality. I constantly saw amazing things, some things that scared the daylights out of me, and I was blessed by the fact that I lived with my great-grandmother who seemed to be able to play with reality like some kids play with toys. At the time I did not feel so blessed to be around my great grandmother, and her antics scared me to death, but now in retrospect I find it amazing that others have never seen what I have seen and even doubt that such things exist. I also do not believe that I am in a minority. While I do realize that my childhood was blessed and perhaps I am most likely a little more sensitive than most, I believe that we all experience things that could only be called ‘magical’ on a regular basis. Synchronicity is all around us if we look, altered states of awareness happen to us every day (like daydreaming, watching television, or reading a book), and the power of intention is apparent to anyone that has ever suffered from Murphy's Law. As a result of my rather interesting childhood, I have spent most of my life trying to discover the truth behind my experiences. I have studied, poked, prodded and tried just about anything that seemed right to me. Mostly it has been an internal quest, one filled with both failure and success, but with every failure I have been able to refine processes that have finally garnered some amazing results. Perhaps one day I will be able to play with reality like my great-grandmother used to, and perhaps the next generation will have to put up with all my crazy antics as well. I now write about my experiences and more importantly about the things that I have discovered. I know that our society is going through another ‘magical’ revival, the last one having happened at the end of the 19th century, and because of this magical revival many people are once again very interested in the powers of the mind. A large percentage of people in the Western world are once again greatly interested in developing their awareness, contacting otherworldly beings and most importantly to me: how to use their minds to manipulate their personal realities. On my website I share some of my knowledge and discuss some of the more interesting aspects of reality as I see them. One of the most successful articles that I have on my site turned out to be “How to Create a Servitor to do Your Bidding”. The reason for the article was really a way to showcase esoteric knowledge; knowledge that is not well known and yet is a highly effective means of playing with personal reality. I find it unfortunate that even though many people are interested in using thought to alter their life situation, to get what they want, they do not know that there is more out there to play with than just ‘The Law of Attraction’ or ‘The Secret’. This article became very popular and as a result I’ve received many comments from interested readers. While I try my best to answer the questions that my readers have, I realize that there is a need to structure this knowledge more precisely, and to expand on it is much as I can, so that those who are interested in the subject can find ready to access information. I believe that the great interest in the subject merits more information, and as such I have endeavored to provide that information here. ...

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