Klinger-Klingerstorff Hubert - Judo Self-taught in pictures

Author : Klinger-Klingerstorff Hubert
Title : Judo Self-taught in pictures
Year : 1952

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Foreword. By E. J. HARRISON, 3rd Dan. THE object of this book is to instruct the reader in the use of Judo in self-defence. For this reason the author, who has a very enviable knowledge of this particular section of the art, lays emphasis on bone-locks and strangle-holds, coupled with defences against them. He has deliberately avoided the use of the orthodox technical terms which might be confusing to the newcomer to Judo, and certainly this omission by no means detracts from the value of his book. Since, however, it may interest some readers to take the briefest of glances at the customary terminology, I have indicated below the general classifications covering most of the falls, locks and throws described. ...

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