Keniston-Pond Kymberly - Essential oils 101

Author : Keniston-Pond Kymberly
Title : Essential oils 101 Your guide to understanding and using essential oils
Year : 2017

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Introduction. The aroma lures you in. You stand face-to-face with labeled dark glass bottles urging you with a “TESTER.” One by one you remove the caps and inhale, and your reactions differ with each one. Some you like, others are “eh,” and others give you definite “yuck” feelings. You notice a refreshing, relaxing feeling with bergamot, actually forcing your eyes to softly close while you deeply breathe. Rosemary wakes your brain up and you find yourself smiling from ear to ear. Lemon adds an instant “smiley face” and you feel happy. Patchouli catches your interest, taking you back to the days of hippies and feeling free, all the while feeling grounded. Why ? You scan the surrounding shelves, taking note of other bottles of oils under a category “Carrier and Skin Oils.” The section labeled “DIY Aromatherapy” has empty dark glass bottles, spray bottles, small glass measuring cups, the smallest funnels you have ever seen, pipettes, assorted jars with lids, blank inhalers, glass stirrers, and labels. The shelf below invites your curiosity with bottles of organic unscented body lotion, Epsom salts, bags of colorful Himalayan bath salts, and powdered clay in a variety of beautiful colors. Your eyes return to the bottled oils, and, driven by curiosity, you remove the lids, inhaling and then replacing the bottles on the shelf. You want to know more about them. What is the history of these oils ? How do I know which one to choose ? Do they do more than just smell good? Are they safe ? How can I make something just for myself with this favorite oil of mine? Can I blend other oils with it? How would my family benefit ? This is a familiar scenario. Once you begin learning about essential oils, creating and introducing blends into your daily life, your family will happily follow and look to you for support of their health and beauty needs. In this book you will receive answers to the above questions, be introduced to 100 essential oils, and have access to 100 easy-to-prepare recipes and/or uses for physical ailments, mental and emotional well-being, and beauty applications. In short, you’ll learn how to use essential oils in your home. You can begin this most serendipitous journey by turning the page ! ...

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