Kearney Jack - Tracking

Author : Kearney Jack
Title : Tracking : A blueprint for learning how
Year : 1978

Link download :

Many people contributed in some way to the eventuality of this book. However, the three people who invested the greatest amount of time and effort are my fellow San Diego Mountain Rescue Team members: John Wehbring, Bill Mackintosh, and Joe O'Dell. John took my original manuscript and promptly demolished it. As the pieces were put back together it began to resemble a book. Had I followed all of his suggestions the final product might even have looked professional. Bill Mackintosh not only proofread and offered suggestions on the text but took photographs and handled all film developing, enlarging, printing, and cropping. Joe O'Dell spent innumerable hours, took long trips, and probably took a half dozen days from his job in order to set up and shoot precisely the picture I wanted in order to illustrate a particular point. With these three people I particularly wish to share the credit, ... or the blame. In the last ten years many good trackers have worked at the El Cajon Border Patrol Station and all of them helped to build our envious record of success on searches for lost persons. However, in some outlandish places and at some outrageous hours, the guy I looked up and saw the most often was Jim Burns, and only slightly less often was Larry Harlan. The initial motivating force behind our involvement in Search and Rescue work was our boss, Ab Taylor. He, more than anyone else, has been beating the drum and selling the idea of tracking as a rescue tool. It was originally his idea to try teaching tracking to search volunteers and his dedication to this pursuit continues to occupy a major portion of his time. Others who provided vital input, encouragement, or inspiration were Lois McCoy, Jon Gunson, PeeWee Lagasse, Stan Bush, and the San Diego Mountain Rescue Team. Jack Kearney. ...

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