John Dan - Training for the busy working guy

Author : John Dan
Title : Training for the busy working guy
Year : 2007

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A couple of principles that I follow might help the "thinking process" of someone who works a normal job, has a social life, and still wants to train. First, embrace the concept of "Pareto's Law." This Italian economist discovered the "80-20 Rule" :that is, 80 percent of your results comes from 20 percent of what you do. In a football program, you will find that 20 percent of your athletes produce 80 percent of the yards, the tackles and the points. In training, 20 percent of your program will get you to that 80 percent mark. That other 80, of course, gets you ever closer to that elusive moment when you produce a "100 percent effort." That could mean one's lifetime best lift, throw, or physical condition. I have recommended for years that athletes attend to this 20 percent as early as they can in the athletic career. It can be summarized in a simple question: if, for some reason, you could only train 45 minutes a week (three sessions of fifteen minutes), what would you do? The answer to this question, if honestly addressed, is the key to a busy working guy's training. Would you warmup? Do yoga? Well, then, what? As a discus thrower, I answered this question with a couple sets of overhead or front squats, then half-turn drills with a powerball into a wall. I could easily hold "80 percent" on that schedule. So, what are your goals? If you are an O lifter, what would you do in those 45 minutes? I might alternate snatches and clean and jerks through those 15 minute workouts. What about this or that or this: yes, they are important...but I only have a few minutes! So, the working guy has to take the long-term goal and run it into the "Prison Riddle," the 45 minute question first. What ever answer the beginning point of the solution to the quandary of being a full-time person and a full-time athlete. Second, take a touch of insight from the book, Dinosaur Training. On page 113, Brooks notes an old IronMan "Roundtable" where John Wooten describes his training: "I started out on a strength routine, really piling on the poundage in the following exercises: 1. Two hands deadlift, favorite exercise of Goerner 2. Walk with weight, favorite exercise of Milo of Crotona 3. Carry bar in dead lift position, favorite exercise of Arthur Giroux 4. Bent Presses, favorite exercise of Saxon 5. ...

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