Jeffries Ross - Secrets of Speed Seduction

Author : Jeffries Ross
Title : Secrets of Speed Seduction "Home study course workbook" How to create an instantaneous sexual attraction in any woman you meet !!!
Year : 1994

Link download :

One of the toughest realities we have to face as men is, that for most of us, getting laid is a form of gambling, and the game is strongly rigged against us. Think back to the last time you had a date. C' wasn't that long ago, was it? Didn't you find yourself, either before or during the evening, wondering things like, "When should I make my move? Am I going to get some tonight? Will I get lucky?". And that's the bottom line...for too many of us, dealing with women is a matter of luck, meaning it is something which is out of our control. But hold on a second. What if you could design your own "game of chance" where YOU get to set the rules? What if you could play a poker game where you get to pick the cards you're dealt, you get to see her hand before you bet, and you get to borrow money from her to bet against her? You'd play that game 24 hrs day, that's what. And that is what Speed Seduction does: it puts you back in control by teaching you how to create, on a repeatable, predictable basis, the kind of results you want with the kind of women you want, where and when you want it. Does this sound like an outrageous claim? I certainly hope so; it goes against the beliefs of our entire culture ; a culture that teaches you that "attraction" can't be created, that it just has to be a matter of "chemistry", that is either there or it isn't. By the time you're done with this book, or the home study course of which it is a part, you'll be thoroughly convinced that our entire culture is totally full of shit. Even more important you'll be able to use this knowledge to give you an incredible edge over 99% of the population, not only when it comes to getting laid, but in every area of your life. ...

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