Improvised weapons of the american underground

Author : Desert Publications
Title : Improvised weapons of the american underground
Year : 1983

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In America, where private ownership of firearms and ammunition numbers in the millions, why would anyone have a need for improvised weapons? Why would some patriotic organizations even instruct their membership, with bulletins, handbooks, plans, etc., in the knowledge of how to manufacture and assemble various lethal weapons? Before we condemn such activity, or start parroting the well-worn cliches originated by the news media, let's look closer at the real reasons for the fear that motivates such activity. In a society rotted by misguided altruism, criminals receive more concern than the victims; national enemies receive aid while allies are ignored or even sanctioned against; hardened criminals have their death penalties abolished, while innocent babies are murdered in the womb by tax supported ghouls; the fruits of one's labors are extracted by force in ever increasing amounts, in the form of illegal taxation. The enemies of freedom in this country (or any other country that has previously fallen) know, ever so well, that civilian ownership of firearms represents the vanguard of resistance in the final-round fight against tyranny. The annals of history fail to reveal a nation that has surrendered its freedom without having first surrendered its privately owned firearms and weapons. Over the past decade, all too many misguided or subversive legislators have chisled away at our constitutional and God ordained right to protect ourselves. Parallelling this heinous effort, American patriots, in ever increasing numbers, are simply saying, "Go ahead and disarm us you S.0.B.'s ... with our Yankee ingenuity, fueled by the desire to be free, we will fabricate our own weapons and use them in whatever manner is necessary to secure and maintain our freedom." The various articles in this book have been compiled from actual publications, some of which are over ten years old. The various groups responsible have not been named in an effort to present a document, to the academic arena, void of bias. ...

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