IAI Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei

Author : Japan Kendo Federation
Title : IAI Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei
Year : 2004

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Kendo and Iaido are closely related. People who do Kendo often refer to the handling of the sword, the spirit as well as Batto (drawing the sword) or Noto (replacing the sword) of Iaido. Kendo practitioners are sometimes asked, "Do you practice Iaido too?" If your answer is negative, then people might look at you in surprise and you may feel a little embarrassed. Generally Kendo and Iaido are considered as a unit and they may take it for granted that those who practice Ken do also practice Iaido. By performing Iaido with "real" swords, it is expected to soften the criticism that these days Kendo practitioners only twirl bamboo swords. There are many Iaido schools and many forms or Kata, so it is very difficult to master all of them. So from these we chose the basic techniques from each school and put them together so that people could easily learn Iaido and popularize it. It is my great pleasure to offer you this book after long discussion and consideration and to be able to show the demonstration of Iaido in 1968 in Kyoto according to this book. I hope that people who do Kendo can at least master what is written in this book. The masters who established ZEN KENREN IAIDO GATA think it is sufficient enough for beginners. Iaido has deep and recondite phases. I recommend you to pursue a deeper appreciation of this in the future. May 1969. All Japan Kendo Federation. Administrative Director. Kazuo Otani. ...

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