Holmes Bill - Streetsweeper A home workshop shotgun

Author : Holmes Bill
Title : Streetsweeper A home workshop shotgun
Year : 19**

Link download : Holmes_Bill_-_Streetsweeper_A_home_workshop_shotgun.zip

Picture a time slightly in the future. The place can be anywhere or everywhere. Suddenly the people in charge decide that it isn't in their best interest for the general public to possess firearms anymore. So suddenly a law is passed banning the possession of firearms and requiring all that are already in existence to be surrendered. Even though most people sit snugly secure in the thought that no gun registration exists, the authorities simply seize the firearms transaction records from all the Federal Licensed Dealers, so they have a record of who owns a goodly percentage of the existing arms. Then, after they have all the weapons that will be surrendered voluntarily, they stand a couple of diehards they caught holding out up against a wall and shoot them and suddenly even the loud mouths who proclaim such absurdities as "They will only take my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead fmgers" not only fall all over themselves turning in what they had hid, but squeal on everyone else they even suspect may have been doing the same thing. Let us hope that this, or a similar, scenario never happens. But, if it does, there are a great many of us who simply cannot exist without some means of protection. If no one else has a gun we can buy, borrow, or steal, the only alternative will be to make it The shotgun described in this book may appear somewhat complicated. However, even though some lathe work and a bit of welding is required, the gun can be built in the home workshop using mostly ordinary hand tools. No doubt the ann chair gun designers will fmd something about this design to criticize. Just a few days ago, one of our local critics gave me to understand that a far simpler weapon could have been realized by building it" straight blowback and firing from an open bolt" The trouble with this is that unless an extremely heavy breech block and/or a heavy, stiff action spring is used, such a design tends to pull the heads off cases. ...

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